INTREPID FRINGE takes risks. It’s theatre from the edge, with an edge. We follow Hamlet’s advice and hold the mirror up to nature, immersing audiences deep in the world of every play. We seek to inspire theatre-goers to reach beyond norms, employing a unique style that we call “meta-cognitive theatre.” What does that mean? We want our audiences to experience a play not as spectators, but as spect-actors! 
INTREPID FRINGE is a Houston-based theatre company producing Shakespeare and original plays in immersive and interactive formats.        hal evans and Tracy Elizabeth Hults are the artistic and managing directors.
INTREPID FRINGE returns to the stage with its timely production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.
With emphasis on making the audience complicit in the story, INTREPID FRINGE builds upon our previous successes with Macbeth,       Winter’s Tale, King Lear, Everything Must Go, and Julius Caesar.  


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